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My sisters and brothers
here are my sisters and brothers
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Problem? jk jk
I love u all god is love ;)
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<VocaloidCH-Len>Oh, you're right. ^^ The Chat has really come a long way. xD I still remember flying in a space ship the first day Luka got on when Rin lost her pride. <ll'D
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>It went from,… to,
<VocaloidCH-Luka>So do I<3
* VocaloidCH-Nerohugs hake
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>Iwasn'ttalkingaboutthat.But sure :D
<VocaloidCH-Nero>(Fsdgsfgdfg cant win))
<VocaloidCH-SFA2Miki>tdfvyguyjh xD ))
* VocaloidCH-Hakuhugged
* VocaloidCH-Neroslides away after like smashing into her boobs .//////.
<VocaloidCH-Len>Ohh~ Yeah that's true, too! :D
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>lC Mhm
<VocaloidCH-Nero>I sowwie .////.
<VocaloidCH-Haku>its okay
** thomarie-forever21 has joined
** thomarie-forever21 has left [connection closed]
<VocaloidCH-Len>bjgvbj DidIsaysomething? bjhb
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I feel a little left out cause i haven't been on chat for as long as Gumi and Luka ; ; ))
<VocaloidCH-Nero>it wall all you
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>Of course not.
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( HAkuuu.. Don't feel like that! ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( We love you! ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Ahwell I've still been a member for awhile.))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( i haven't been in as long as Luka either, BUT I STILL LOVES YOU ALLZ THE SAMES. ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( istillrememberyouandTeto XD ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( SEVEN MOTHS HOES ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>((* months ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( I remember Sweet Ann.... ))
* VocaloidCH-HAL9000lies down
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>You could never do anything wrong, Len-kun. *she says casually whilst filing her nails*
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( yea..what happened to her? . ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Lol. I remember when me and Teto used to spam "LEN IS A SHOTA" and get in trouble. those were the days...//shot))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( This Chat has been up for 9 months! :D It began Apr 18, 2012. ewe ))
* VocaloidCH-Nero such a baby to the hat
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I've been on since last summer ; w ; ))
<VocaloidCH-HAL9000>I remember the time I got drunk on sprite..))
<VocaloidCH-Len>A-aha... >u<;;
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( i remember the 2343869476 i got durnk on sprite ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I remember getting actually drunk with Teto ))
<VocaloidCH-SFA2Miki>Ahahaha, ive only been here for like.. not that long. ^^ ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>Mhmmm. *stares at Len*
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( WE should do a memory meme thing when April 18th comes again~ x3 That would be cool~ ouo ))
<VocaloidCH-HAL9000>I remember the first time I could move and do stuff))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( Or just something that sort of recalls what has happened this crazy Chat year. <ll'D ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>*le hugs Gumi*~~ X3
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>*is hugged* =3=
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I still have screenshots from the time Len admitted he was a shota |D ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( thnjhtrbrt xDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( half-neko-half-whales in bath tubs. ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( *dying* XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( Gumi being a ninja while Len showered ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( AHAHAHXDDDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( PFFTTTT *dying harder* XDDDDDD Luka!! ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( and you made me go back in and retry it XD ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( iwasscaredofyouinthebeginningLuka ; u ; butnowIloveyou ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( Fanscomingtoourdoor. tnbjhrb))
<VocaloidCH-Len>((<ll'D ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( LenkillingGumi12times ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( I scare everyone, it's my job ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( OH THIS CHAT~ ~ XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Teto killing and reviving Ted xD ))
<VocaloidCH-HAL9000>HAL malfunctioning>1))
<VocaloidCH-Nero>o3o.... Yuuma..))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>*touches Len's hair*
<VocaloidCH-Nero>I miss Yuuma..))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( Kaito running over multiple trash cans~~ ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>*dies* (( -cough-13now. ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>*hair is touched--*bthjrvbrttr GUMI.
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>*dead =3=~*
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( When I acted like a mod but wasn't one... ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>*revives her with banana magic* tnjhtrrt
<VocaloidCH-Nero>VocaloidCH-SFA2Miki: moooo))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Me getting sick on the way to Walmart, then magically appearing lol ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( when Miku stole everyone's clothes.ioerut ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( XDDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>do you guys remember that walmart adventure?))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>=3= Why'dyoudothatLen.
<VocaloidCH-SFA2Miki>(( Wait wait, random thought.. for the " ___ your drunk, go home" meme, for Meiko it'd be "Meiko, your sober. Go home." XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Omg xDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( andthenKaitostoppedthewedding ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>Ah-oh.. uhm...I'msorryIjustdon'tlikeitwhenyoudie.rthjnbrttr
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( XDDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( andGakupowasall,SAMURAI,andLukawasll,ooooooh ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( andIwasall. ouo ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( GUMI, SOP ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( andeveryoneelsewashavingalife. ))
<VocaloidCH-HAL9000>Yandere HAL>1))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I remember when me and Luka fought over Gakupo...))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( Miki, XDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>I was drunk lol ))
<VocaloidCH-Luka>(( I REMEBER THAT ))
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( Gakupo getting drink when Rin, Gumi, and I were on.t thrjrtrt ))
<VocaloidCH-SFA2Miki>(( Itssotruethough xDD ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>Of course i wasnt drunk in real life ))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( ..well. ))
<VocaloidCH-HAL9000>I was drunk once))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>because I'm 13 lol))
<VocaloidCH-Gumi>(( i'm gonna go die for 7 hours hopefully. ))
** VocaloidCH-Gumi has left [connection closed]
<VocaloidCH-Len>(( bvghtvrjhtvjhtrbhjrbt ))
<VocaloidCH-Haku>If I were actually drunk that would be bad ))


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Haku Yowane
United States
Hello, Haku here. I have the same Master as AskYowaneHaku-chan and I'm her clone. So, um, that's basically it. I don't answer questions unlike my main, AskYowaneHaku-chan.

Master: :iconsilvercelestt777:
My original clone: :iconaskyowanehaku-chan:
Mommie: :iconvocaloidch-mayu:
Onii-chan: :iconleecomics:
Big sister: :iconvocaloidch--meiko:
Little sister: :iconvocaloidch-yukichi:
Bestie: :iconvocaloidch-teto:

:heart: Girlfriend: :iconvocaloidch-kagenerui: :heart:


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